COVID-19 Dermatological Atlas

COVID-19 Dermatological Atlas2020-04-14T14:06:07+00:00

With the idea the help doctors in the world that are dealing with daily patients affected by the COVID-19 infection we have here created this atlas of patients affected by the disease daily updated.

Patients and practitioners have gently provided most of the clinical images.

We here would like to thank you all of them for helping us on this project.

If you have a picture and would like to share it with us do not hesitate to send it directly to me at

We have classified the images with the following criteria.

  • 1: Vesicles ( like eruptions)
  • 2: Hives (Urticaria like eruptions)
  • 3: Exanthema (Maculo papular generalized eruptions)
  • 4: Vasculitical (Hemorrhagic or purpurical eruptions)
  • 5: Chilblain-like lesions
  • 6: Insect bite-like lesions
  • 7: Others

1: Vesicles ( like eruptions)

1.1- A 60-year-old male patient referred the onset of the eruption 5 days after the first symptoms. The eruption was itchy and the primary lesion was vesicular. He had a positive PCD for Covid 19.

2: Hives (Urticaria like eruptions)

2.1 A 68-year-old lady admitted for dyspnea and with a positive PCR for Covid-19 developed this generalized urticarial rash it responded well to oral antihistamines and it cleared in 3 days.

3: Exanthema (Maculo papular generalized eruptions)

3.1- A 38-year-old healthy male developed this Pitriasis Rosea-like rash without a herald patch that evolved to the total clearance in just 3 days.

4: Vasculitical (Hemorrhagic or purpurical eruptions)

4.2 This patient developed this type of vasculitis resembling Hands and Glove eruption in the context of COVID 19

5: Chilblain-like lesions

5.1- This 12-year-old girl developed this chilblain-like lesions on both hands. We have no information about the PCR but she was in contact with COVID+ relatives.

6: Insect bite-like lesions

6.1 This 13-year-old boy presented with this hemorrhagic lesion that was thought to be caused by an arachnid. No PCR performed in this patient.

7: Others

7.1 This 45-year-old female developed an Herpes Zoster after the COVID infection. In some patients the immunitary changes during the infection may lead to this type or viral reactivation.